STOCCO F.lli S.r.l.

StoccoF.lli is our exclusive subcontract manufacturer, as it has been operating for over 38 years with high production standards and fully reflects our company values.


StoccoF.lli was established in 1984 as a family-owned subcontracting company. The company worked with assembling and bending metal products for home and leisure. Subsequently, following the evolution of the market, it successfully specialized in frames and furniture elements. In recent years, the addition of high-tech and productivity equipment has enabled the company to offer a range of new products, making production versatility and consistent quality its strong points.

The company offers customers more than just a product; it provides a full service, combining quality, quantity, design, and timing requirements.

Production currently takes place on an area of 4000 square meters, plus an additional 4500 square meters in the new sales and logistics site added in 2017.

Company Information


STOCCO F.lli S.r.l

Company Type

Limited liability company

Share capital

114.000,00 euros fully paid up

Headquarters and production

Via Ca' Leoncino 52/C – IT-31030 Castello di Godego (TV) – Italy

Sales and logistics

Via XXIX Aprile 1 – IT 31030 Castello di Godego (TV) – Italia


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