INDUSTRIES is a global company, that operates with the principle of excellence.   In its relationship with its customers, it acts according to Henry Ford’s motto:

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

INDUSTRIES è has six business divisions:

Our vision is the future

Our mission is to fully understand the sectoral contexts and the macroeconomic scenario, analyze markets and trends for each sector and country of our commercial interest, to create partnerships with local companies consolidated in the economic systems of the territory.
Our priority is to satisfy the expectations of business partners, employees, and the environment by solving technology challenges, and always seeking new business opportunities.
Our company policy is actively orbiting towards globalization and diversification aimed at organic growth and stake acquisition.

Our energy is the value of work

We operate with the value and responsibility that only work can grant. Both shareholders and employees operate in an environment of honesty and respect toward customers, suppliers, business partners, and collaborators.


Responsibility is born, grows, and feeds on the work of shareholders and employees. Respect for mutual agreements about work only accelerates the achievement of pre-established objectives.
We also operate in environmental responsibility. The researched and developed projects always guarantee the principle of sustainable development and zero km production.


Honesty Honesty is the vital foundation of all personal as well as professional relationships. Our priority is to create an honest and ethical work environment that includes all parties.


We believe in innovation. Every innovative idea has potential that we know how to implement.



We always find the solution to any problem to achieve the set goals.


We are committed to creating and developing a product or service using only 100% EU-certified suppliers. We aim to respect the environment using zero-km suppliers, thus creating low CO2 emissions.


We must respect the quality of raw materials and a healthy working environment. We aim to obtain and offer a certification of excellence on all products and services. We are against producing or marketing products and services from developing third countries where, to have a sub-market price, uncontrolled materials that are potentially harmful and dangerous to the health of the user are used, without counting the sanitary conditions and contracts without protection for the workforce, which is the heart of the economy.

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Join-stock company (d.d.)

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Prvomajska ulica 37 – SI5000 Nova Gorica – Slovenia

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OIC Hrpelje 6 – SI6240 Kozina – Slovenia

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351.823,00 EUR